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Allama Aqeel Gharavi

About Allama Aqeel Gharavi

Syed Aqeel-ul-Gharavi was born 2 February 1964 in India. Presently, he is acknowledged as one of the most highly regarded Twelver Shi’a lecturers of Indo-Pak subcontinent. He was born in India but his whole family migrated when he was very young. After completing his primary and secondary education, he decided to study religion instead of pursuing his interest in medical sciences. Currently, he is living in New Delhi with his family and managing a madrasah and also a professor at hauz-e-ilmiya, jamiat-us-saqalain, Delhi.


He got Ijazah in 1994 from Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi and became a mujtahid.

Majalis in Pakistan

In 1999, Syed Aqeel-ul-Gharavi addressed majalis in Karachi at “Ali Mutaqi Jaffery’s” House. However, in Lahore, he addressed five majalis in 2003 at 6-B, Model Town, Lahore. Since then, he has been coming to Lahore and addressing at various venues from 2003-2006 specially at 6-B, Model Town and “Imam Bargah Gulistan-e-Zahra (sa)” at Abbot Road, Lahore on different topics like theology, philosophy, science & Islam etc.

In 2007, Allama Syed Aqeel-ul-Gharavi also extended his visit to Multan. He addressed two majalis at “Imambargah Haideria”, Gulghast Colony and one at Mumtazabad. However, in 2008, he also addressed majlis at “”Imambargah Shah Gardez” . Allama Aqueel-ul-Gharavi also addressed majlis in Kuwait.

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