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Moulana Raza Haider Rizvi

About Moulana Raza Haider Rizvi

Syed Raza Haider Rizvi one of the well known Shite Islamic Scholar from Karachi, Pakistan. He is the student of Ayatullah Allama Talib Jauhari. He started reciting majalis in 2010-11. Initially he studied in Maderssa Quran o Itrat then travel to Iran for further islamic studies and then studied under the guidance of Allama Talib Jauhari. He was born on 2nd September 1986 (24 Zilhaj).

He completed his masters in English and Islamic Studies from Karachi University along with Islamic studies from different maderasa and under guidance of well knowned Shite religious scholars. He wrote several books on different topic which are available on several book stores.

1) Khuda (Urdu )
2) Fatrat (Urdu)
3) Al qatra min behr e fazail e 4) Zawwar e hussain swa (Urdu)
5) Ilm e rijal aur tarajim rijal e kafi (urdu)
6) Rajat (Urdu )
7) Karbala wa Kareem e karbala swa (urdu)
8) The way to get closer to god 9) Gems of knowledge from treasure of masoomeen swa
10) Imamate
11) Occultation of 12th Imam & rajat
12) Journey of tears
13) Spirituality
14) Hadith al saqalain
15) Why the school of ahlybait swa ?

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